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Please be aware that parking pass sales for the 2016-2017 school year will be delayed until further notice. Once we are ready for parking pass sales we will send out information about the date and time when parking passes can be purchased.. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.
Please view the Celebrate Imperfection video.
Please be aware that senior final exam exemption forms are now available in the Curriculum Office. May 4th at 3:00pm is the deadline and no late forms will be accepted.

Bell Schedule

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  • Regular Schedule
    Mondays - Tuesdays, Thursdays - Fridays

    Period 1 7:10a - 8:04a
    Period 2 8:12a - 9:04a
    Period 3 9:12a - 10:04a
    Period 4 10:12a - 11:04a
    Period 5 11:12a - 12:04p
    Period 6 12:12p - 1:04p
    Period 7 1:12p - 2:07p
    Announcements 2:07p - 2:10p
  • Advisement Schedule

    Period 1 7:10a - 7:57a
    Period 2 8:05a - 8:52a
    Period 3 9:00a - 9:47a
    Advisement 9:55a - 10:30a
    Period 4 10:38a - 11:25a
    Period 5 11:33a - 12:20p
    Period 6 12:28p - 1:15p
    Period 7 1:23p - 2:10p
    Announcements 2:10p